Information for Twin City Concourse Assn. Inc.(courtesy of the Viking Club)

looking for a truck driver to haul this trailer, contact: Vince Meyer(612 221 4591)

Crate size 11'' Height 49'' Width 24'' Depth (Max)

Unlimited space 92-Slots plus, unequal !!! Trailer is locked and secured for Race day release!

Minnesota's Midwest Classic Race

Board Members:

Chairman Phil Nelson(MPC)Term Ends/2022, Vice Chairman Vince Meyer(MPC)Term Ends/2021,Don Lowe(MPC)Term Ends/2021,

Frank Johnson(Vik)Term Ends/2021,Tony Hang(RRPC)Term Ends/2022,Hue Vang(RRPC)Term Ends/2023,

Jon Bourgoin(MPC)Term Ends/2023,  John Kalyalethe(VIK)Term Ends/2023, Dale Golla(VIK)Term Ends/2022,

Alternates 2021:


Race Secretary Don Lowe(MPC), Treasurer Frank Johnson(VIK), Trucking Chair Vince Meyer(MPC).